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ANALYSIS | Senator Rafiu keeps moving south amid Prof wale’s Igbomina agenda. What is Lola Asiru stake?

Lola Ashiru, the incumbent Senator representing the axis, seems to be the odd one out in this election. Despite being a member of the ruling party, the All Progressives Congress (APC), his popularity and acceptance among the people cannot be compared to that of the PDP’s Senator Rafiu Ibrahim and the SDP’s Prof. Wale Sulyman. Ashiru’s campaign seems to be struggling to gain traction and it remains to be seen if he can turn things around before the election.

The Igbomina sentiment also seems to be playing a role in the election, with Prof. Wale Sulyman enjoying the support of the Igbomina people. This could give him an edge over Senator Rafiu Ibrahim, who is from Ojokwo. However, Rafiu’s past performance as a senator of the axis could still work in his favor and make him a viable candidate for the people.

In summary, the Kwara South senatorial election seems to be shaping up as a contest between the PDP’s Senator Rafiu Ibrahim and the SDP’s Prof. Wale Sulyman, with the incumbent Senator Lola Ashiru struggling to gain momentum. Ethnicity and past achievements could also play a role in the election, and it remains to be seen which candidate can leverage these factors to their advantage.



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