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One of the released seven victims of Abuja-Kaduna train, Muhammad Daiyabu has revealed that for 100 days they stayed in captivity, the bandits treated them well.

He told newsmen that their captors slaughtered six cows for them.

According to him, some of the reports flying on social media were false.

He said there was no single person bitten by snakes.

“They took care of us, they did not beat, harm, or maltreat us and in the 100 days that I spent there, they slaughtered six cows for us to feed.

“When we were sick, they did their best to provide drugs and what I will never forget is what they did for my pregnant wife by setting her free,” he said.

Daiyabu also noted that the bandits had pity on them and killed about 10 snakes and two scorpions within the enclaves.

He, however, begged the Federal Government to hasten the release of the remaining victims.

He said the report that one of them was shot was true, but that the gun was mistakenly fired by one of the children of the bandits, adding that the bandits, apologized to them for the mistake.

“Being in captivity is not something you will wish for your enemy. Immediately we were captured, our captors untied us and kept telling us that their issues are not with us, but with the government,” he said.


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