Channels TV Image. Source: Facebook. 

Claim: A Facebook user posted a video containing the logo of Channels TV promoting a joint pain remedy.

Verdict: FALSE. According to Channels TV, the station did not promote joint pain remedies.  DUBAWA’s findings show that the video is AI-generated. 

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A video containing Channels TV brand and logo was posted on a Facebook page, called Family Tree on January 7, 2024. The 42-second-long video, which was used to promote a joint pain remedy, featured a newscaster and a medical practitioner, Dr Rashard Dacus, who was introduced as the producer of the remedy. 

The first speaker said Dr Rashard promised to pay a million euros to anyone who can’t cure joint pain with his new remedy. 

While corroborating the first speaker, Dr Rashard also boasted the remedy has 100% efficacy, adding that joint pain will disappear forever, and the joints will return to a healthy state after applying the remedy. 

He further claimed that more than 100,000 customers have already saved themselves from joint pains after applying the remedy, which he said, if used several times a day, will hasten the process of joint regeneration. 

A screenshot from the video 

The caption attached to the posts also further promotes the joint remedy.

It reads, “SCIATICA, ARTHRITIS, SPONDYLOSIS, LUMBER SPONDYLOSIS can be a constant struggle, but with us, Immediate and Permanent Cure is Guaranteed as our medication is specifically designed to provide immediate and permanent relief for the joint, muscles and spinal pain caused by arthritis, spondylosis, and lumber spondylosis. Our powerful formula targets the underlying causes of inflammation, reducing pain and improving mobility permanently.”

Screenshot from the video 

It further reads, “Our medically and clinically-proven solution targets inflammation at its source/root, permanently reducing pain, fixing dislocations, and improving mobility. Arthritis, spondylosis, or lumber spondylosis Can’t be An issue any longer.  Permanent relief is Here today. Click The Learn More Button below to see and Get it…Delivery is Free.”

As of Thursday, May 8, 2024, the video had over 8,000 views, 87 shares and 310 comments. 

DUBAWA decided to verify the video because of the inconsistencies in voice and speakers. 


DUBAWA observed that the audio and the mouth movements don’t match. This inconsistency suggests that the video has some deep-ware effects, which means it’s AI-generated. 

We further decided to verify the video on Deepware, and the result said the video was suspicious.

Deepware’s findings

Also, we observed that some unique patterns and features of Channels TV’s flagship news at 10,  which generally include the name of the newscaster, and downline rolling of other major news, are missing in the video. We also contacted a Channels TV reporter, Kayode Okikiolu, whose video clip was used to promote some health products.

He confirmed, “The video is fake and not from us (Channels TV). We’ve had to make several disclaimers on these kinds of videos.”

Okikiolu also clarified that the first speaker in the video, who appears like a newscaster, doesn’t work for the station. 


According to DUBAWA’s findings, the video is AI-generated. In addition,, information obtained from a worker at the Channels TV station indicates that the video didn’t emanate from the station. 

This report was produced for DUBAWA 2024 Kwame KariKari Fellowship in partnership with The Informant247 to facilitate the ethos of “truth” in journalism and enhance media literacy in the country.

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