Coronation of King Charles III of England20

The Nigeria’s President elect Senator Bola Tinubu has congratulated King Charles III of the United Kingdom UK on his coronation as the king of England.

The traditional monarch would be first to be coronated since 1937.

He is receiving the baton of leadership from his mother, the late Queen Elizabeth II.

The Queen of England passed away in September 2022.

Tinubu has lettered the traditional monarch, revealing his intention to foster bilateral accord between the UK and Nigeria.

“It is heartwarming that your accession to the throne is coming after the 70-year reign of your iconic mother, Queen Elizabeth II, whose death last September left the entire world in grief, given her eventful reign,” he said.

“Bearing your unique place in history as the first King to be inaugurated in Britain since 1937, I trust that you will follow in the glorious footsteps of your late mother and even surpass her achievements in the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth.

“Particularly remarkable about you is your love for the environment, importantly your lifelong crusade for sustainability and biodiversity.

“I hope that you will continue to push for these initiatives with kind eyes on the situation and plight of the underprivileged people in Africa and around the world.

“As the president-elect of the federal republic of Nigeria, I also hope that during your reign, the excellent bilateral relationship between Nigeria and Britain will continue and even become stronger in the interests of our two countries.

“I look forward to further engagements with you and the opportunity of a meeting in the near future as both of us had earlier indicated in discussions with mutual friends and associates.

“Once again, I rejoice with you on your coronation and pray that God Almighty grant you strength and wisdom and make your reign successful for the benefit of not only the people of Great Britain but for the entire world.”

The Informant247 earlier reported that the England has crowned Prince Charles and his wife, Camilla its king and queen.

The event to coronate Prince Charles and his wife was held on Saturday May 6th at London’s Westminster Abbey.

This colorful event is the first one in the country in the last 70 years.

The new traditional monarch was decorated with regalia, and got crowned with the 360-year-old St. Edward’s Crown.

The wife of the traditional monarch also got decorated in a simpler manner.

Public figures, leaders across the world and members of the British Royal family were present at the coronation.

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