Adewale Alebiosu

My incantations in Yoruba movies affected my real life – Popular Babalawo actor, Alebiosu

The popular Ifa priest actor, Adewale Alebiosu, has said that the incantations he recited in movies have affected his life.

He said the incantations have had negative influence on his real life.

Alebiosu made this remark while granting a television interview.

He added that he was performing his role as a professional actor, not knowing that his recitations could have adverse effects on his normal life.

He said: “I never knew there was so much more to the incantations I was delivering. I thought I was just delivering my lines, not knowing there are repercussions to follow. Whenever I get home after the act, while I sleep I would see some strange beings and some would turn to goats and start biting me.”

He has sent message of warning to upcoming actors who would want to pick similar role in movies to be very careful and prayerful.

He added that: “I’m saying this to warn them so that they don’t end up regretting their lives or ending up miserably.”

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