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I’m ready for ‘dirty’ Nigerian politics — Tinubu to London audience

The presidential candidat of the All Progressives Congress, APC has said he was ready for the dirty of the country.

Tinubu said he has disappointed the efforts of those who have been questioning his academic records.

The APC chieftain has revealed that he’s set to “wrestle with the pig” as Nigerian politics requires that he does that.

Tinubu, made this revelation while granting interview at Chatham House in London on Monday.

Tinubu said, “Deloitte trained me as an accountant. Mobile Oil has attested to my outstanding record. I got to the pinnacle of my career in the private sector. Who among them can brag about that?

“Yes, if you want to wrestle with the pig, you’ve got to live with the dirt. That’s what I’m doing. I got into politics knowing fully well that it is muddy water. Smog will come, and you will have to live with the dirt and make sure you are upright to finish the job.”

The former Governor of Lagos State added that: “Having spent most of my career in political opposition, I have long fought against electoral malpractice and any attempt to extinguish the legitimate choice of voters. I will continue to do so, I promise.

“I urge all my fellow contestants in this election to do the same. Let the sovereign will of the people decide the path of our nation. And let this election be determined by voters making their choice freely rather than the domineering intimidation of the troublesome few.”

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