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GRS movement commemorates Children’s Day 2024 with global celebrations

The GRS Movement extends regard to Children on the commemoration of the 2024 Children’s Day, describing them as the pivotal basis for the substantial development befitting of the forthcoming generation.

In a statement signed by the press secretary of the movement, ADISA Ridwan Ajadi, emphasized the significance of educational and vocational investment in children as a means to guard and guide them towards the prerequisites of our collective future utopia and yearning.

He said “Children, not only in Nigeria but across the globe, serve as the basis for the protection of the future of a nation’s development and advancement. At their tender age, it is very sacrosanct to invest in them, academically and vocationally, to have a safe future and be worthwhile for themselves and the society”

“As we mark the occasion of Children’s Day, at GRS, we are determined to progress initiatives that support the development and potential of children within our society. Our persistent efforts have been steered by our hope that the bright future we conceive for the children of our nation and the global community will be realized beyond this momentous day.”

“Happy Children’s Day, oh you gorgeous and bright CHILDREN!” he said

Adisa Jaji Azeez is a Nigerian Journalist working at Theinformant247 as the Managing Director and Head, Fact-Check Unit.

He graduated with National Diploma from Federal Polytechnic, Offa, Bachelor Degree from the University of Ilorin, Nigeria and Alhikmah University, Ilorin.

He had written for several other news media across the country. He has certification in journalism.

He is a 2023 ICIR Fellow, Countering Misinformation and Media Literacy Project fellowship

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