Group berates Ayilara, describes lawmaker's 2 years in office as 'total waste'

A socio-political group in Ajikobi/Alanamu constituency of Ilorin West Local Government Area of Kwara state, The Peoples Vanguard, has stated that the honourable representing the constituency at the State House of Assembly, Hon Abdulgafar Ayilara has nothing to show for his two years in office, describing it as “a total waste”.

The spokesperson of the group, Ibrahim Musa, disclosed this in a statement made available to newsmen in Ilorin, the Kwara State capital on Wednesday.

The group stated that Ayilara’s representation at the State Assembly is a colossal failure.

The statement reads: “We cannot score Ayilara more than 20 per cent. This means that his two years in office has been nothing but a waste. Nobody in Ajikobi/Alanamu constituency is pleased with his representation so far. He is not only a disgrace to the All Progressive Congress Party but the state at large.

“It would be recalled that he was arrested by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission in 2019 over property scam to the tune of N26 million, forgery, and obtaining money under false pretence. The anti-graft body stated in its press release that he confessed to the crime. Though we’re very disappointed, but that was not enough to judge him then. However, like the popular saying of a leopard not changing its spots, it has become impossible for Ayilara to change his fraudulent character as he has been embroiled in one fraud case or the other since then.

“While an honourable in Kwara South is empowering his constituents with cars, motorcycles, grinding machines, generators and many more, the highest Ayilara could do is to purchase JAMB form of N3,500 to a few people to mark his two years in office. Even at that, reliable records show that he inflated the number of beneficiaries.

“In the area of representation, the honourable has not moved or sponsored any bill that will directly impact the people of his constituency. His major priority at the chamber is his pocket – salaries and allowances; junketing across the world; looking expensive and buying choice properties at the expenses of thousands of others.

“As our voice at the chamber, he did not only deny us qualitative representation, he is also not accessible. He did not for once hold a town hall meeting to listen to the pains of his constituents, and when people try to take this to his office, his doors are not ‘only closed but also padlocked’. He is only open to a few close aides and associates.

“We, as a group closer to the people, received several complaints after he refused to respond to letters sent to him by several constituents on the Freedom of Information Act Bill. He is believed to be one of the major honourables blocking the bill meant to checkmate the government’s excesses and reduce corruption drastically in the state. This, again, is true to his nature. Definitely, he won’t give anything to chance.

“Throughout the seven wards that made up the constituency, Ayilara has never deemed it fit to uplift any of the youths that worked tirelessly for his emergence at the poll.

“Though, we genuinely sympathize with Ayilara who borrowed a lot of money – and dupe many people as well – to fund his election in 2019, and now desperately seeking for any means to recoup a huge financial investment before the bell rings. We, nonetheless, wish to remind him that the Alanamu/Ajikobi people can sieve the wheat from the chaff and so cannot be hoodwinked or beguiled by his colossal deceit.

“We advise him to see caution and accordingly apply same by standing up to his duty as a representative of the people and copy his colleagues who are doing well to empower their constituents. We won’t, likewise, shy away from asking him to resign if he will continue in this abysmal way. A poor midterm assessment is not good for any public officer and a word, they say, is enough for the wise.”

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