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Dani Alves makes another confession as trial continues

The former Barcelona player has reportedly claimed that he penetrated the 23-year-old girl he was accused of sexually assaulted.

This is coming as the trial for the 39-year-old continues amid different controversy.

“He has recognized that the sexual act was consummated through penetration”, said Carlos Quílez, journalist of Antena 3 of Spain.

The confession is already the fourth time that Alves changes his statement, and such may continue to change the course of his trial.

According to marca news, the Brazilian defender in his first statement said he did not know the young woman, then he accepted having treated her, later confirmed that there was only groping, and now the admittance of penetration.

Reports suggest that he could spend the next 12 years behind bars if he’s guilty of the offence.

Recall that the incident took place in the early morning of December 31 last year when he went to a nightclub in Barcelona

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