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Chrisland School reacts to late student’s autopsy report, apologizes for being silent

The Management of Chrisland School has tendered its apology over the death of its student, Whitney Adeniran.

The management of the school also dismissed the rumour which has gone viral on social media that it is planning to exhume the body of the late student.

The management of the school made this revelation in a statement released on Sunday, March 5, 2023.

The school said it has knowledge of the report on the passing of the late student.

The management expressed its condolence to the school and the media over it silence which was a product of shock and moral rectitude.

“We are deeply saddened and sorry about Whitney’s death. We are remorseful and sorry to Whitney’s parents. We are sorry to our parents and the entire community that hosts our school. We are also very sorry to the nation at large. It was a huge loss to the school.

“We express equal measure of apology to the Nigeria Media, another critical stakeholder, in case we have sent unbearably quiet signals. We have been quiet because this was death so shocking, we opted more for introspection and moral rectitude rather than strutting around the Media space to seize narratives.

“Moreso, we considered it imperative to allow the parents and indeed the entire Adeniran family the honour of their privacy as we all mourn this unfortunate loss. Whitney Adeniran was a bright and lovely student. She was popular and friendly. Her memory lives with us.

“We hereby vehemently refute the claim making the rounds that Chrisland School intends to exhume Whitney’s body. We have no such plan and assure the public that we are also parents in mourning and will not do or subscribe to anything that paints such insensitive optics that prevents our dear daughter from resting.

“We assure you all that no such thing will happen. Rather than do this, plans are underway to immortalize Whitney’s name so she can remain indelible in our consciousness. This is without prejudice to the ongoing Corona inquest but it is a honour we owe her,” the school said.

“Responding to every sensation or misinformation peddled, therefore, does not serve this purpose and we, therefore, continue to uphold restraint. Unfortunately this quiet is coming with regrettable, misconstrued conclusions.

“Nonetheless, Chrisland Schools will continue to cooperate with the authorities throughout the duration of the investigations, and also offer the parents every necessary support in this grieving period.

“As an organisation, Chrisland School expresses its total trust in the investigation process, which was why the School authority insisted on the Corona Inquest in the first place, to help clear every doubt against insinuations of a cover-up and to provide us with learning curves to guard against future occurrences, not only to Chrisland students but also other young ones out there that may be recreating in public facilities.

“Notwithstanding the above, we shall continue to cooperate and submit to due diligence till the Corona inquest runs its full course which would accord our beloved Whitney, her family and indeed ourselves, a closure. We owe Whitney this dignity and our sincere and unreserved demonstration of respect.

“In the meantime, we have continued to engage the Adenirans. We are not relenting, because she is our daughter too and we shall always be there with the family to navigate this dark period. To all those who have stood truly by us and the Adenirans at this trying moment, we convey our sincere gratitude,” the school management added.

The Informant247 earlier reported that the Commissioner for Education in Lagos State, Mrs Folasade Adefisayo revealed that the state government has received the post mortem report on what caused the death of Whitney Adeniran, a 12 year old pupil of Chrisland Schools.

She said the state government will not sweep the matter under the carpet, as it’s ready to bring the culpable in the pupil’s death to book after the necessary investigation.

The education commisioner told the bereaved parents that justice would be done over the passing of the small girl, affirming that the ministry of education feels their pains.

She made this revelation when she visited the bereaved parents at their residence in Lagos State to express condolence.

Also, the Lagos State Government, on Saturday, March 4, 2023 stood against the exhumation of the dead body of Whitney Omodesola Adeniran, who lost her life under mysterious circumstances.

She died during the inter-house sports activities of the school on Thursday, February 9, 2023 at the Agege Stadium.

In a statement released by the Director Public Affairs, Lagos State Ministry of Justice, Alo Grace, an autopsy conducted by Lagos State University Teaching Hospital revealed that the small girl died as a result of asphyxia and electrocution.

“The Lagos State Ministry of Justice is aware of the current ongoing dialogue about the alleged plans to exhume the body of the late Whitney Omodesola Adeniran, a student of Chrisland Schools whose death as revealed by the autopsy, conducted by Lagos State University Teaching Hospital was as a result of asphyxia and electrocution,” the statement reads in part.

“Whilst we have not received any such official communication requesting for exhumation, however if and when we do receive such a request, we shall be opposed to it.

“In any event, the circumstances for exhumation under the Coroners’ Systems Law, 2015 do not arise in this case. Additionally, it is not our intention to further traumatize the deceased’s family.”

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