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Burglars attack Mohammed Salah’s home in Cairo

Egyptian and Liverpool football Star, Mohammed Salah’s villa in Cairo has been burgled.

As reported by Al-Ahram, the Salah’s nephew is said to have raised the alarm after initially discovering that the window had been left open.

He returned to the villa this weekend and discovered that it had been ransacked by burglars.

Local police ,who were immediately contacted found items strewn all around the building while several other items were stolen.

While it has not yet been confirmed as to which items were stolen from the property,it  has been suggested that “electrical” items and “devices” were taken from the villa.

“The surrounding surveillance cameras are being unloaded, and the security personnel in charge of securing the place are being interrogated,” a source told Al-Ahram.

 “The security services are intensifying their efforts to solve the mystery of the incident, and the necessary legal measures have been taken” the source further claimed

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