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Asa youths blast Jawondo over campaign of calumni against Gov Abdulrahman, says he’s a disgrace to legal profession

Youths in Asa local govt, from Owode-Onire district have berated a former Federal House of Representatives aspirant, Barrister Salmon Jawondo, who spareheaded the failed attempt to foist a low educated misfit grandad on the people of Owode Onire.

The youths, who spoke through their spokesman, Dr Ibrahim Kuranga expressed delight at Jawondo’s misery, saying that the senior advocate of Nigeria is a disgrace to the legal profession.

Dr Kuranga explained that, while it is true that Barrister Jawondo is our leader, but his defeat in the primary election has made him bitter, and his selfish desire to continue to hold Owode Onire in his pocket has beclouded his sense of quality judgement.

“Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq is the best thing that has happened to Kwara in modern history and to be comparing such an excellent governor with Bukola Saraki is the height of confusion”

“If not for bitterness and selfish desire, nobody with appreciable consciousness in modern history will be comparing Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq with Saraki” Kuranga said.

Kuranga also opined that, it is strange that a senior advocate of Nigeria would prefer to have someone with low education and not so articulate in expression as our constituency representative at the Kwara State House of Assembly over a vibrant, young and articulate youth, who is not only a shining example of what a representative should be, but also a perfect example for our youths and ladies to emulate.

According to him, the youths of Owode Onire has consistently maintained that the future of Asa is far more important than individual political interest and we are glad that our resolve for a progressive future is yielding positive result.

Dr Kuranga noted that, people like Jawondo want Asa to remain in the past, so that the destiny of the people can be held in their pocket, but unfortunately for them, the youths are wiser and we are heading for the future, through conscious and appropriate representation.

While they insisted that the choice of Rukayat Shittu is a collective decision and will of Allah for the constituency’s progress, they insisted that nobody imposed anyone on us, we made a conscious decision for the future of Asa and we will defend this choice any day, any time.

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