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Abdullahi, son of former military leader, Sani Abacha, ‘dies in his sleep’

Abdullahi, the son of the former military Head of State, Sani Abacha has died.

The sister of the deceased, Gumsu Sani Abacha confirmed his death on Twitter on Saturday, March 4, 2023.

She disclosed that the young Abacha gave up the ghost in the early hours of the day.

She added that her brother died in his sleep.

“Innalillahi wa inna ilaihi raji’un. I lost my younger brother Abdullahi Sani Abacha,” she wrote.

“May Allah forgive his shortcomings and grant him jannatul firdous, Ameen. Please include him in your prayers,” she added.

Sani Abacha was a Nigerian military officer and political actor who governed as the military head of state after hijacking power in 1993.

He remained in power till he died in 1998. He was alleged of denying the generally accepted winner of the 1993 presidential election, Chief MKO Abiola of his mandate.

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