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A sick person can’t rescue a sick country: Peter Obi tells Nigerians

The presidential candidate of Labour Party, LP, Peter Obi, has said that a sick person cannot rescue a sick country.

He advised the citizens of the country not to hand over a ‘sick country to a sick person’.

He said it would be destructive to leave the running of the affairs of the country in the hand of a sick person.

Obi made this revelation while addressing students of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, UNN, Business School, in Enugu, Thursday.

He said it’s not fair for Nigerians to vote for someone who cannot stand for 30 minutes.

According to Obi  “This country is sick and should not be handed over to a sick person.

“I am not saying that everyone is sick. We have been here for over two hours, we don’t want people who can’t stand for 30 minutes.

“If you said you will fight corruption, let’s go to the road you have passed and see what is remaining there after you left.

“This year’s election must be based on competence. This job requires physical and mental energy, it is not a retirement job.”

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